About Us

Carpenter & Smith is a full-service oil dealer serving well over 4,000 customers within a radius of approximately 12 miles from our main place of business in Monroe.

The business was started by Gilbert Carpenter in 1867. Before we branched out into the oil business in 1928, we were in the coal business, and, because this was farm country in those days, we also handled agricultural feeds. Our base of operations is in downtown Monroe, along what was the main line of the Erie Railroad. Times change, and the railroad is gone, as are most of the farms, the coal and the feed. Some things endure: we still try to provide old-fashioned, friendly, responsive small-town service in our increasingly suburban market.

Carpenter & Smith has a considerable investment in facilities to assure prompt and reliable service, not just the first time you call but for as long as you do business with us.

We operate a fleet of diesel-powered tank trucks of various sizes. Our oil trucks come in different sizes because of the different types of terrain in which we work. Big trucks are more efficient where there is the space to maneuver, while little trucks (sometimes even 4-wheel-drive trucks) are needed to get around in mountainous areas such as Mountain Lodge Park or parts of Greenwood Lake. Our fleet of trucks is larger than would be necessary under ideal conditions, because we are a winter business, and we are often operating when conditions are not ideal. We are not out of business just because a truck gets stuck or needs repairs. To keep our vehicles operating safely and reliably, we have our own truck garage and full-time mechanic.

We operate our own oil storage facility, located at Monroe, to ensure a reliable supply of heating fuels at all times.